Sometimes you don’t even know how better things can get until you really stop and take a minute. There’s so much I can say about my experience in working with Leah, but I’ll try to limit it to acceptable testimonial length! I’ll start off with what you can expect when working with her. First off, it’s an absolute joy. If you’ve somehow found her or crossed paths with her, consider yourself blessed.

I hadn’t had any prior experience with a life coach, but from day one it was all so natural and easy – but I could tell it was going to have an impact.
The first few sessions served almost as an introduction to how to apply a though-process/framework around understanding the overall wellness level of your life. From there it was about understanding how one aspect of wellness (family, friends, health, work, etc.) can impact the other. As you start to look at this framework, you begin to analyse what areas of your life you’d like to optimize, and that awareness is where the magic starts.

Leah has a incredible way of moving you along the path of feeling like something is impossible to acheive, to getting you to where you ultimately want to be through bite-sized goals and accountability. The experience has been very empowering as I feel like I’ve learned a new positive and results-oriented way to look at all my goals and challenges.
As a person, Leah is so easy to talk to, has zero-judgement, full of empathy and positivity, and just an absolute pleasure to be around. I couldn’t recommend her more!

Never let your fear decide your future.

Living your dream life is not as far away as you think!

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