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I am passionate about living life to the fullest and maintaining a good level of wellbeing has been key to fulfilling that aim. My key to wellness is not about extremes, it’s about balance.

Coaching for weight loss and fitness

Tried every weight loss fad in the book and still struggle to maintain your optimum weight? That is probably because you are following someone else’s recipe for success at someone else’s pace.

I will not recommend specific exercise routines (as a fitness trainer would) or advise you about your nutritional needs (as dietitians do). Most of us know that it’s healthier to order a side salad than a side of chips. But there’s a big difference between knowing what you should do and actually doing it.

I will help you make those types of healthier choices by brainstorming with you about what will really motivates you and guide you to make plan that not only breaks old habits but excites and motivates you. Perhaps you hate the gym and salads. That’s ok, we will find the route that works for you.

Work life balances sound almost sounds like a ludicrous concept in today’s world and that is why I prefer the concept referred to more recently – work/life harmony.

Reducing hours spent at work is just not a realistic possibility for many of us – I am testament to that. My aim is not to tell you that you should work less and spend more time with your family, you already know that.

My aim is to help you learn to replenish your level of wellbeing/wellness when they become depleted by too much work or stress. By keeping your levels of wellness in check you are likely to be more focused and productive thus getting more down in less time.

With my support you will lead the way in uncovering what about your lifestyle is zapping your energy and what can bring you vitality. Habits are the glue that keep your lifestyle together. Whether they are good or bad, they reinforce your way of living. Integrating good habits into your life can help you reach your goals in a more effortless way, and it can make you a more confident and productive person. I can work with you on selecting and building these new habits as well as helping you to get rid of any bad habits that are holding you back.

Coaching for work life balance
Coaching for change

Have you have had that feeling that things could be better, be it a different career, a different location or better relationships. Perhaps you don’t even know what is that is missing.

I can help you uncover dreams and goals you didn’t even know you had and help empower you to tap into your unique potential, discover the best version of yourself and reach for the stars.

Many corporate wellness plans fail as they only speak to a small percentage of the population – those that are probably already making lifestyle changes anyway. Wellness Coaching can inspire those that wouldn’t ordinarily embark on a wellness plan by allowing them to tap into their own unique route to wellness at their own pace.

Group coaching sessions will be dedicated to an overall theme but will allow you to establish and work towards your own individual goal s. The group coaching experience will take place in a safe , fun and dynamic forum where participants will be able to share ideas, trust and expression to enable positive energy, growth and transformation. Group coaching has proven to be very powerful in helping people achieve their wellness goals.

Working within a group increases almost every aspect of the process of self improvement. A group provides expanded resources for information, feedback, coping, experiences, the group’s “resident wisdom,” support, and the power of the accountability.

Corporate coaching

Never let your fear decide your future.

Living your dream life is not as far away as you think!

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